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The essential information on croquet      


How to win your croquet game with comfort and total consistency! Psychologically, wearing your opponent down will increase your chances of winning the game by good 50%, if not more. It is amazing how nerviness and anxiety increase inaccuracy of a shot. However, let us remember that croquet should be sportsmanlike, strategic and unavoidably, very emotional. The latter could be the strength of a croquet player and at the same time the downfall. Thus the existing mental strength of a croquet player, during the game, is one of the most important factors contributing towards in that person winning the game. Click for more…


Think of what you want to achieve with your shot!

Be it clear to your mind, before you lines up for your shot, what shot you want to play, how long should your shot be and what should your ball hit? Beware, always probe the thought if there are any better options for the intention and for the chosen shot? By visualising the process of the intended shot you will be helping your brain to remember it and to execute it in the way you visualised it. Make sure that your intended shot is lined up properly. A good way to achieve this is to walk up behind the ball in the direction you intend to send it. Also, it is vitally important that you stand correctly to enable you to  send the ball where you want it to go. Now you are using technique to achieve the goals of your game strategy. Always be aware that strategy and tactics are very important to the development of a player rather than technique. Coupled with a relaxed approach you will maximise your performance. The ability to psych yourself down, rather than up, is highly  desirable during the game of croquet! Click for more… 


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The technique in your croquet game   



The shots

Hitting the ball straight and with the correct strength is the essential component of a shot. In croquet the variety of shots is large and it takes a lot of practise to master the technique in each style of shot. The style of shots range from the drive shot to the stop shot, the follow through shot, the skip or jump shot, the split shot and so on. Consider before you take stance which shot is the best suited for your strategy and for the game at the moment. 


The Stance

How you stand is an individual choices. However, the choice is somewhat limited in order to carry out certain strokes successfully. Adopt a comfortable stance and ensure your toes are parallel to mallet. Remember to bend your knees slightly whilst placing weight on your heels or back leg during the execution of your stroke. Ask your coach to demonstrate to you the various stances and explain their advantages.


The Grip

There are many ways to grip the shaft of the mallet. Most players use both hands to grip the shaft. However, the more difficult version, the side style, is by using one hand to grip the shaft. The side style can also be executed using both hands as a golf swing or a pulling shot swung outside the body. Most players swing the mallet centre style between their legs. The grip should not be tight and hands not tense. Do not change the tension in your fingers during the execution of the shot. Do no apply any extra pressure or tension on the handle during the execution of your shot. Be aware of your finger use on the shaft. Ask your coach to demonstrate to you the various grip styles and explain their advantages.


The Swing

One of the most difficult things in the croquet game is to hit the ball consistently the correct way. Visualise where you want your ball to land or where it should make contact with the opponent’s ball. Keep your eye contact at the point of impact on your ball and your swing should be straight, smooth and even throughout the execution of the shot. Use your shoulders for the swing not your wrists! Other than your arms, your body should never move during the shot and the swing should be elegant. The height of the backswing controls how hard the ball is hit, and hence, how far it travels.


Are you now intrigued by croquet and can not wait to give it a jolly good go?  Remember, croquet is all about achieving your strategy and intended gaols with the execution of your shots!  Click for more…

The Common Syndrome
. Ashamed at loosing
. Excusing & justifying failure
. Ignoring insecurity
. A
voiding risk

The Common Threat
. My doubt is my friend
. My ability is to see my future failure
. My self confidence is on vacation

My opponent is not a threat, I am mine

The Common Friend
Impatience is my beloved  
  friend who likes to visit me
  very often, blessing me
  with anxiety & nervousness

The Common Winner
. My matches are always tight
. My balance of risk is my success
. My concentration is my strength
. I win because I can & I am good!

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