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The essential information on croquet        


The game of Croquet is a game in which a ball is knocked around a course of wickets (hoops) with a mallet. The course consists of six wickets with the exception being billiard croquet and nine wicket croquet also known as back yard croquet. The court or field is usually rectangular requiring one stake, two in nine wicket croquet and none in billiard croquet. The field is usually well maintained, level and grass cut very short, they can also be played on modest lawns on not well maintained municipal turf. There are many types of croquet games, these include billiard croquet, association croquet, golf croquet, nine wicket croquet and extreme croquet. The tendency for more versions is increasing and an overview is slowly approaching the level of a nightmare, especially with the rules and court setup.  Click for more…..


Learning how to play croquet

The simplest way to learn croquet is to start with golf croquet. It is the simplest of all versions of croquet. As a novice to the game one will need to learn how to hold and swing the mallet, hit the ball and run the wicket (hoop). It is good ideas to have someone teach you how to play. The second best idea is that you teach yourself. However, do not spend too much time reading; simply get on the field and play! Click for more…


Improving your game

The best way to improve your croquet game and skills is to play with good players. In joining a croquet club it will ensure that you can play and meet with good croquet players and obtain the possibility in joining them on tournaments. Click for more…

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The versions and objectives of croquet                                                                                                                 


Billiard Croquet is the Swiss version of croquet and is played using only 3 hoops, the white ball, the billiard ball and four coloured balls, one for each player or two balls for two player games. It is fast, efficient, providing maximum entertainment, eliminating the long waiting periods between turns of play, it combines technique and skills perfectly to guarantee excitement and flow of adrenaline till the last shot is played.   Click for more…..


Association Croquet is played on a court measuring 35 yards by 28 yards, dressed with 6 hoops and a centre peg. One side plays the blue and black balls - the other, the red and yellow. Singles or Doubles can be played,. In singles one player takes two balls and in any turn decides to play whichever ball is better placed. In doubles, partners take one ball each but they must also decide which is the best ball to play during a turn. By playing a sequence of strokes, players may keep a turn going and complete several or all hoops in a single turn. The art of the game is to master the physical side of using a mallet to hit balls very accurately, and to be able to plan a winning strategy.


Golf Croquet is a game in itself, it has a simple set of rules and therefore can be learned more quickly, Games are generally more interactive and take less time to complete. Beginners can use it to acquire useful croquet skills. The blue and black balls play against red and yellow . Games can either be singles or doubles. If it is doubles then each of the two partners has one ball only. Starting from a corner, everyone is shots for the same hoop and a point is scored for the side whose ball first runs the hoop in order. To run a hoop in order means to run it in the correct direction. The normal hoop order and direction applies. Each person has only the one stroke in each turn.


9–Wicket Croquet also known as back yard croquet is played on a court that doesn’t have to be a perfectly manicured lawn, but short grass provides the best playing surface. The object of the game is to score points by sending balls through a course of nine obstacles called hoops or wickets placed in a zigzag formation. The full-size court is a rectangle, 100 feet long by 50 feet wide. One can adjust the size and shape of the court to fit the available space.


Extreme Croquet often called also cross country croquet, is extreme by demands power and strategy in the long shots over rough surfaces. It can really be an outstanding challenge to any player. It is played not on lawns, but out in the wild. Easy courses can be played out in a field, more challenging ones in a park or in a forest. 


Discover the perfect recipe that will be bringing you sweet success in croquet, no matter which version you are ultimately playing. Welcome in team champ and Click for more…

The Common Syndrome
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. Ignoring insecurity
. A
voiding risk

The Common Threat
. My doubt is my friend
. My ability is to see my future failure
. My self confidence is on vacation

My opponent is not a threat, I am mine

The Common Friend
Impatience is my beloved  
  friend who likes to visit me
  very often, blessing me
  with anxiety & nervousness

The Common Winner
. My matches are always tight
. My balance of risk is my success
. My concentration is my strength
. I win because I can & I am good!