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Use your croquet skills and knowledge to extend your emotional and social intelligence. A croquet club is a club for social and sport activities, featuring one or many versions of croquet. A croquet clubs is more than just a place that provides the right grounds for you so you can develop your croquet skills and the distinct highway to your croquet tournament life; they offer the backbone in total enjoyment of social activities and the indulgence of exciting social and cultural events. There are the meeting points for people of similar interests and goals, forming a platform for making new friends and being the perfect pillars of support when a little rough patch creeps in our life. The trademarks of a croquet club is distinguishable through the lay back attitude of its members, the obvious easy pace, the social tone, and the emphasis is on serious fun!


It is usual for croquet players to play social games for a few hours on a few times a week. This provides them with sufficient opportunity to connect and build friendships. The more competitive and ambitious players do train regularly, with the focus being on concentrating on their competitive goals. Croquet players like belonging to a croquet club because of the identity it provides to them and the social components that are connected to their membership. During the year croquet clubs hold not only tournaments and competitions, they also organize many on and off court social events, usually based on seasonal themes.


A club that really cares about you, your skills, your talents and your goals is a croquet club in your area! The croquet club that will help you achieve the results you desire! Welcome to croquet, your social network!


The Common Network

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The social aspects of croquet                                                                                                             


Some of the many social activities awaiting attention at your nearest croquet club!  


A narration of my first experience with billiard croquet

I am a fairly new 9-wicket croquet player, a game that I find to be exciting and one that brings me enjoyment. Recently, I had the opportunity to play Billiard Croquet. In short, the game made me far more enthusiastic on croquet which was very stimulating for me! I was very excited and the game gave me the feeling of been a lot more involved, providing the ideal intensity and compactness in playing with 3 hoops. This proved to bring all the qualities in making it exciting. It gave me the opportunity to play a lot more shots and little time was wasted waiting for my turn to come.

Although Billiard Croquet match took a lot of mental focus out of me, I enjoyed the strategy and the sharp tactics demanded from me. For me, it was like solving a puzzle that brought me a lot of fun and satisfaction. It was a game that gave me the time to think more before I approached the ball and it was very satisfying feeling. The Billiard Croquet game forced me unconsciously to focus and increase my concentration with my eyes allowing my hand movement swinging with coordination to get a perfect stroke.

After the game, I felt the intensity of my muscles they were worked out and exercised in a gentle healthy way. I felt the game not to be physically strenuous at all. Billiard Croquet was calming and very relaxing on me. It had made me feel energized and invigorated after the game.

I believe with consecutive continuous practice I can conquer and embrace Billiard Croquet, having extreme fun, reducing my social isolation and get my social skills activated in this new exciting game for the future.                                      by AC at HHCC / September 2011

The Common Syndrome
. Ashamed at loosing
. Excusing & justifying failure
. Ignoring insecurity
. A
voiding risk

The Common Threat
. My doubt is my friend
. My ability is to see my future failure
. My self confidence is on vacation

My opponent is not a threat, I am mine

The Common Friend
Impatience is my beloved  
  friend who likes to visit me
  very often, blessing me
  with anxiety & nervousness

The Common Winner
. My matches are always tight
. My balance of risk is my success
. My concentration is my strength
. I win because I can & I am good!

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