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Use your flexibility to master the future

Through its long history, the croquet game has over the centuries has more than proven its ability to survive, thus earning the title of sustainability on merit and distinction, and not through an approving certifying body.


Croquet is totally ecological with no hidden risks or pretentious slogans or labels. It is nature at its best promoting good health and the wellbeing of humans. The croquet court is one of the best health and gym centres, independent of fancy machines, sophisticated  ambience and complicated air conditioning systems. It is excessing and promoting good heath totally in natures best environs.

Croquet is the ambassador to green technology, organic cultivation, good health and aging with grace. Croquet has already integrated these elements in its game, the elements hat will be embracing our society in the future .

Croquet is a game in anticipating the future and visualising where the croquet balls will be located after you have executed your next shot. Thinking ahead is a must in croquet, thus making it an excellent mind trainer promoting flexible thinking irrespective of age. Adjusting the strength of your shot to the playing conditions and to the height of the grass is a further promoter of flexibility and positive approach to changing situations.

Anticipate your future and  support your well being, welcome to the croquet world!

The Common Network

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A visualisation of the facilities in need of your support                                                                                                            


Patrons and supporters are the back bones to the survival of croquet

A patron and / or a supporter is an individual or individuals supporting a common interest, or a legal entity represented by persons all being gifted at creating win-win situations for all participants associated with the objectives and goals of social, financial, innovative and knowledge base of an event or a cause. Patrons become inevitably unforgettable legends of our society through their support and promotion for the development of ideas, movements, visions and ideologies.


The patrons support of the croquet game is an active participation in ensuring the essential facilities are available allowing the game and its skills to be kept alive, guaranteeing its availability to future generations.


The patrons support can be in the form of human resources, material or financial that can be explicit in the appropriation to the use distribution. The patrons support can be periodic or one off event which is a voluntary commitment without been attached to any liabilities and responsibilities.

The patron is an ambassador that supports the promotion advertisement of croquet on a local, national and international level. The patrons support is mainly an enrichment to their organisation’s social events. Croquet is an excellent extension to company celebrations and social events, providing ideal entertaining to their employees at an outing.

Patrons really cares about you, your skills, your talents, your goals and the survival of your croquet club in your area! The patrons support helps you achieve the results you desire!

We welcome you as a patron to croquet,
your dream fulfilling  network!






The Common Syndrome
. Ashamed at loosing
. Excusing & justifying failure
. Ignoring insecurity
. A
voiding risk

The Common Threat
. My doubt is my friend
. My ability is to see my future failure
. My self confidence is on vacation

My opponent is not a threat, I am mine

The Common Friend
Impatience is my beloved  
  friend who likes to visit me
  very often, blessing me
  with anxiety & nervousness

The Common Winner
. My matches are always tight
. My balance of risk is my success
. My concentration is my strength
. I win because I can & I am good!

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