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The essential information on croquet



The game of croquet


Croquet is a game in which a ball is  knocked around a course of hoops with a mallet. Billiard Croquet is the modern version of croquet, the Swiss game! There are many playing versions of croquet and each version has its own rules and court setup. Click for more…..


How to play croquet & its objectives

Billiard Croquet, the Swiss Game!

Association Croquet

Golf Croquet

9–Wicket Croquet

Extreme Croquet   
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The distinguishing features of a croquet player

A typical croquet player is a strategist, a tacticians, above average mental strength, succeeds under pressure, a good judge of distance using eyesight and feeling, the calmness dominates, feeling relaxed and tensionless is not visible but always present, prepared to train hard, a team player, participates in tournaments, a socialite and more. Click for more…


If the above distinguishing features are your characteristics, you should urgently contact your nearest Swiss croquet club (Click to locate your croquet club) and to all those that are not so sure, do the same!

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Swiss Croquet Clubs

    Croquet Club Zurich

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    Cern Croquet Club

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    Rheinfelden Croquet Club

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    Swiss Croquet Association

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The Common Network

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The Common Syndrome
. Ashamed at loosing
. Excusing & justifying failure
. Ignoring insecurity
. A
voiding risk














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The Common Threat
. My doubt is my friend
. My ability is to see my future failure
. My self confidence is on vacation

My opponent is not a threat, I am mine

The Common Friend
Impatience is my beloved  
  friend who likes to visit me
  very often, blessing me
  with anxiety & nervousness

The Common Winner
. My matches are always tight
. My balance of risk is my success
. My concentration is my strength
. I win because I can & I am good!